Research Seminar & Workshops


– Singapore’s Training of PRC Talents: Opportunities and Experience – Professor Ng Beoy Kui (2014/07/07)
– Self-perception of Chinese Newspaper Reporters In Malaysia Miss – Liaw Pey Wer (2014/07/21)
– Line Following Robot – Dr. Chia Kim Seng and Eng Pei Chee (2014/08/22)
– The Branding Value and Development of Cultural Creative Industries – Dr. Ding Yu Ming (2014/09/05)


– Structural Break and Cointegration in Malaysian Stock Market – Dr. Kan Yoke Yue (2015/06/23)
– The Interactions between the Teochew community in Johor Bahru, Malaysia and Teochews in PRC: Inheritance, Export and Reflux of Teochew Culture – Mr. Seng Yan Ping (2015/07/24)
– Overseas Chinese and Chinese Culture of Traditional Chinese Medicine in Malaysia Assistant Professor – Kim Yun Jin (2015/08/14)
– Chinese Print Media in Malaysia: The Analysis of the Sin Chew Daily Editorial Columns – Dr. New Kuwi Hoi (2015/09/10)
– The Ingenious Buddhist Art of Tan Swie Hian – Miss Pang Pek Yee (2015/09/30)
– The Diversity of Malaysian Chinese Buddhism – Dr. Tang Chew Peng (2015/11/25)
– The “Classical Theory” of Malaysian Chinese Literature in Lin Can Tian’s Dense Smoke- Mr. Kho Tong Guan (2015/12/01)


– Research Excellence & Innovation Outreach Program – Dr. Wong Woei Fuh (27 February 2017)
– University of the Future Seminar Series:Action Learning – Ministry of Higher Education (30 March 2017)
– Seminar Pembentangan Kriteria Penarafan Setara 2017 – Ministry of Higher Education (31 March 2017)
– Seminar on Accreditation of Prior Experiential Learning(APEL) Access(A) and Credit(C) – Malaysian Qualifications Agency
(14 April 2017)
– Iskandar Development Region in Malaysia: Potential of a City-Region on the Rise – Prof. Dr. Wong Tai Chee (June 2017)
– How to Win a Research Grant? – Associate Professor Dr. Wan Nasir, Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (May 2017)
– How To Get Yourself Publish in Impact Journal? – Associate Professor Dr. Siti Zaiton, Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (May 2017)
– Academic Writing in Research Workshop – Associate Professor Dr. Chung Han Teik (June 2017)


– Seminar in Research Proposal Preparation for PhD Students – Dr. Zuraidah Sulaman (UTM) & Dr. Helen Tan Sui Hong (UTM)
(31 March 2018)
– Kick Off Session cum Introduction to Research Methodology (PHBM1003) – Prof. Dr. Huam Hon Tat (13 April 2018)

Research & Publication

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