Campus Safety & Insurance

All students of the Southern University College, are insured under the Group PA AIG Malaysia Insurance Berhad Plan. Every student pays RM30.00 yearly for the insurance

Students Insurance

The scope and amount covered and also the insurance claiming procedure are as follows:

– Accident Death and permanent Disablement
– Additional Payout for Permanent Total Disablement
– Additional Payout for Accident Death on a common carrier
– Accident Death on College Premises
– Accident Death on Snatch Protection
– Accident Medical Reimbursement subject to the sub limits as follows
– Accidental Dental Treatment
– Traditional Medicine
– Physician Benefits
– Medical Report fees
– Daily Hospital Income (up to 120 days)
– Ambulance Fee
– Dengue Recuperation
– Accidental Burns

RM 30 000

RM 20 000

RM 30 000

RM 30 000
RM 30 000
RM 2 000

Up to RM 750
Up to RM 300
Up to RM 200
Up to RM 100
RM 50/ Day
Up to RM 1 000
RM 500
Up to RM 3 000

– Compassionate Visit
– Local Student
– Foreign Student
– Study Curtailment
– Funeral Expenses
– Repatriation of Mortal Remain
– Local Student
– Foreign Student
– Mobility Expenses
– Rape Trauma
– Snatch Theft
– Education allowance
– College/University Event Cover
– Death due to Dengue
– 24 hours Travel Guard Asia Pacific Services

Up to RM 1 500
Up to RM 5 000
Up to RM 5 000
RM 3 000

Unlimited within Malaysia
Up to RM 25 000
Up to RM 5 000
RM 3 000
RM 200
RM 20 000
RM 10 000

Campus Safety

• Only vehicles with “Southern UC Car Pass Sticker” can enter the campus.[Online Application: Campus Network→Enter Student ID/Password→Choose “Car Pass Sticker”]
• Vehicles and visitors without Southern UC car pass sticker must register at Security Guardhouse before entering the campus.
• All vehicles must observe campus traffic directions, road lines, speed limit and legal parking areas.
• Any unauthorized parking is subject to a fine of RM30 to be paid at the Account and Finance Office (Room 103). Then present the receipt to Asset Management & General Affairs (Room 105) staff to unlock the vehicle.
• Speed limit on the campus is 30 KM/H.
• The Parking Lot “C” will be closed from 7:30pm to 6:00am every day. Please move your vehicle to the Main Building parking areas before 7:30pm.
• Please lock your vehicle and do not keep any valuable belongings inside the car. The Campus Management will not be responsible for any loss, damage, accident or theft.
• If vandalism or negligence of any damages, the perpetrators have to bear the repair costs.
• The Campus Management or Security Officers / Rela have the right to stop and search any suspicious vehicles, drivers and passengers. Please co-operate fully.
• The Campus Management reserves all the rights to amend any of the rules and regulations.

* Disclaimer: The Information stated above till valid by 3rd August 2021. It is for reference purpose only.

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