The Planter Project

As the saying: “1 year’s plan is like a tree valley; 10 years’ plan is like a tree; the lifelong plan is like educate a man.” – “Guan Zi·Quan Xiu”

Thank you for the love and support from all donors of Southern University College (SUC). We continue to uphold the perseverance and hard work of those who introduced higher education. Under the pragmatic concept of “seeking what is first, then what is better”, the academic block, sports & recreation facilities, student dormitory and staff hostel, the garden (Huayuan) with lakes and mountains, the auditorium, the multipurpose hall, the Traditional Chinese Medication building, and the International Education Building are gradually implemented step by step.

The students and staff have a better place to hold various activities and thus enhancing the learning and academic atmosphere throughout the entire campus. The implementation of each school deeply reflects the imprint of inheritance! The school is actively working hard towards the upgrade to the university status. SUC has become an important educational institute in Malaysia, where we train talents for the national community.

Thanks to our “tree planters” for their generous donation and to join in the grand event! Let the spirit create more glories and bloom the splendour of a hundred years of nurturing people!

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