Annual Events

Sports Day, Orientations, Selection of ‘Southern Star’ award recipients.

Jump Party

“Jump Party” is the annual Mid-Autumn Festival celebration in Southern University College that has been held since 2011, and was jointly organized by  Southern University College and the Johor Bahru Chinese Community. As the largest Mid- Autumn Fesitval in Johor Bahru, about 5,000 participants take part in the event annually. In addition, the event was awarded the highest honour, the Tiong Hua Cup, in 2014. Besides promoting Chinese culture, this event hopes to transmit the positive energy of traditional festivals to everyone through music and culture.

jump party

My Dynamic Campus

To infuse vitality on the campus, as well as to motivate students’ interest and enthusiasm in student society, Southern University College has been organising “My Dynamic Campus” since 2013. This event is to provide opportunities to the students to showcase their talents. At the same time, “My Dynamic Campus” is not only a brand of student’s event on the campus, but also a platform for various societies to bring out their acting talent.

my dymanic campus

Sports Day

Sports Day is one of the annual events in Southern University College. This event has been receiving supports from all students and teachers on the campus since 2010. The Sports Day aims to improve the health of lecturers and students, and build sporting culture and team spirits. The three-month Sports Day events are divided into two categories, that is track and field and ball games. The event attracted more than 400 students and staff.

sports day

Students Cultural Performance

The Student Cultural Performance is one of the key events of Southern UC anniversary celebration. This event promotes performing arts among the students. Many students have displayed their talents brilliantly.

student cultural performance
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