Sim Mow Yu Chinese Education & Teacher Training Centre

“Service and fighting a life time.” – Mr. Sim Mow Yu

Mr.Sim Mow Yu (20 JUL 1913- 5 FEB 2009) was a Malaysian Chinese educator, Chinese Education worker and calligrapher. He was born in Melaka and had served as the Chairman of Lim Lian Geok Foundation, Melaka Chinese Assembly Hall, the president of SJK(C) Ping Ming for 27 years, and also as UCSTAM president up to 29 years.

Mr. Sim Mow Yu was imprisoned three times during his fight for Malaysia Chinese and Chinese Education. His selfless and sacrifing spirit won him numerous accolades. He was bestowed as “Pacific Justice of the Peace” by the Queen of Britain, bestowed “Datuk” by the heads of the state of Melacca, awarded “honorary doctorate” by Malaysian Buddhist University and Gordon University of USA, and also awarded the Malaysian Chinese Cultural Award, Spirit of Lim Lian Geok Award and Culture Award of Taiwan Executive Yuan.

In year 2009, Southern University College issued a “Nan Fang Zhi Ding” to the deceased Mr.Sim Mow Yu in recognition of his outstanding contributions to Chinese education and the Chinese community. His patriotic character and spirit is exemplary for Malaysian Chinese educator.


Aims and Objectives

Virtue and self-improvement are the motto of Southern University College, we aim to create a humanistic campus. The setting up of SMYCE will enrich the school’s culture, rooted in the local community and provide a learning platform for teachers. It helps to construct the lifelong learning mechanism for Malaysian Chinese Independent School’s teachers.

The centre’s aims and objectives are:
– Foster Chinese Independent High School’s teachers’ and training the school’s teacher (pre-service / in-service)
– Producing excellent educational administrative staff
– Foster academic research and educational talent
– Provide educational services adhearing enhancement to the national education policy

Future Development

Establish the Faculty of Education, offer teachers training courses, and also responsible for operating Southern University College affiliated kindergarten.

Joint Programs

Newspaper Cutting

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