Research Institute of Chinese Ethnicity and Culture (RICEC)

The Research Institute of Chinese Ethnicity and Culture (RICEC), formerly known as the Research Centre of Chinese Ethnicity and Culture from year 2000 to 2003, was established by Professor Tay Lian Soo after his retirement as the professor in The Chinese University of Hong Kong, and thus he became the first Director of RICEC in May 2003.

Missions of RICEC

1.Coming down to earth
2. Giving back to the public
3. Spreading knowledge

Tasks for RICEC

1. To collect and preserve historical documents and manuscripts related to Malaysian Chinese society;
2. To provide academic resources and information for teachers and students of Southern University College as well as the public;
3. To carry out research plans and develop new academic fields for Southern University College and the members of southern region;
4. To encourage academic staff in Southern University College to form academic cooperation with different faculties.

Southern Salon

Since 2004, Southern Saloon Humanities and Academic Seminar (南方沙龙人文学术讲座)has become one of the most long-lasting and popular public seminar series in Malaysian Chinese society. Southern Saloon also serves as a platform for local Chinese communities to have sharing and discussion across the field of Chinese studies in general, thus it received wide recognition from the public.

The Purpose of Southern Saloon are:
• To promote knowledge sharing and exchange of ideas regarding the Chinese studies toward the public;
• To build a stronger bond within global academic circles, local communities and Southern University College.

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