Southern Institute of Technical Education (SITE)

In response to the vision given by Malaysian Government to promote vocational education, Southern Institute of Technical Education (SITE)  was established in 2017 to promote a diversified education development and provide a platform for the youth and general public to further advance their vocational skills. At present, SITE provides various types of full time and part time training programmes and micro-credentials courses.

Southern Institute of Technical Education (SITE) is the first Architectural Visualization Academic Partner of Unreal Engine in Malaysia.

Unreal Engine is the world’s most advanced real-time 3D creation tool for photo-real visuals and immersive experiences. From design visualizations and cinematic experiences to high-quality games across PC, console, mobile, VR, and AR, all can be carried through Unreal Engine. 

Full-Time Programmes

Professional Diploma in Unreal Engine VR Architecture

Professional Diploma in Unreal Engine Game Scene VFX Development

Diploma Kemahiran Malaysia (DKM) in Computer System Engineering

Sijil Kemahiran Malaysia (SKM) in Electrical & Electronic Engineering
Professional Program in Aesthetic Treatments and Body Therapy

Part- Time Programmes

Professional Certificate in Cultural Heritage Conservation

Professional Certificate in Funeral Business & Management

Professional Certificate in Ear Care

Professional Certificate Smartphone and Tablet Repairs

Micro-Credentials Courses

Funeral Micro-Credential Course

Jewellery Micro-Credential Course

Cultural Heritage Conservation Micro-Credential Course

Extended Reality (XR) Micro-Credential Course

The programmes offered by SITE are non-MQA accredited programmes, but in collaboration with various professional bodies.

SITE is a platform for students and working adults to cultivate professional skills in various fields. Through collaboration with international vocational  universities, industry-leading organizations and domestic business groups, students are provided with the opportunities to learn and  practice  professional skills in specific fields. We believe that students with professional skills have the ability to contribute to the advancement of the society   and are provided with many prospects to stand out from the rest.

At present, Mandarin is the main medium of instruction, supplemented by English. Our programmes are guided by instructors who possess relevant  qualifications and are well-experienced in the theoretical as well as practical aspects of the particular field. The structure and techniques incorporated   in our programmes do not only focus on the skills our students require, but also on their personality, communication and interpersonal skills.

Dr. Lim Poo Kin


Southern Institute of Technical Education & School Of  Professional and Continuing Education

Besides that, comfortable and  convenient accommodation is also readily available for students. In addition, students can enjoy their campus life and campus facilities in Southern University College; such as library, sports equipment and facilities.

We’re looking forward to you being a part of us; your dream of a professional starts from your commitment to SITE.


“Instructors let us design the artworks with our creativity and guide us along the way. I’ve learned a lot of design knowledge about architecture.”

Lee Bu Qi TE200021A PDVR20A

“I’ve learned about modeling technique for interior design. The most memorable moment in my study is I feel a sense of accomplishment after I submit my homework and get a good result at the end.”

Ang Yiuh Qi TE200023A PDVR20A

“My first thought of enrolling in this programme is to learn a new skill, and I found that Auto CAD skills are my favourite subject amongst all.

Khor Chun Sien TE200031A

The whole year of study is a great experience to me, instructors taught well in the gaming development part.”

Lee Heng Chee TE200016A

“I’ve learned to access a variety of different software to design the gaming scenes. My favourite part of this programme is design modeling such as the weapons and vehicles in the game.”

Lim Dong Xian TE200027A

Students’ Artwork

Final Project – Che Jia Cheng, Ng Yee Zhen, How Jun Peng, Chai Pang Jun, Aw Yang Choon Wei (PDVR19B)

Interior Design – Chew Wee Giap (PDVR18C)

Interior Design – Wong Yit Han (PDVR18C)

Landscape – Cheng Yee Sieng (PDGD19C)

Landscape – Lim How Heng (PDGD19C)

Landscape – Yap Chin Cai (PDVR18C)

Activity Gallery


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