Faculty of Humanities & Social Sciences

Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences (FHSS) consists of four distinct departments namely, Department of Languages & General Studies, Department of Journalism & Communication Studies, Department of Education and Department of Psychology and Counselling. The Faculty offers five Bachelor Degree programmes, one Diploma programme and one Postgraduate programme.


Department of Languages & General Studies

Department of Journalism & Communication Studies

Department of Psychology & Counselling

Department of Education


TV Broadcast Centre

Early Childhood Education Simulation Room – TADIKA

Early Childhood Education Simulation Room – TAsKA

Psychological & Counselling Lab

In recent years, FHSS has established and maintained sister relationship with colleges/universities worldwide (particularly with those in China, Taiwan & Japan). We engage student exchange programmes, international conferences, collaborative academic activities and joint international research projects as well.

Our academic staff are actively involved in research and development (R&D). The key research areas include cultural and society, new media, communication, language studies, literature, postmodernity, literary theories, cross-cultural studies, world religions and Malaysian studies.

Students’ Artwork

Just A Bit – DJC Students

Just A Bit – DJC Students

Boarderless – DJC Students

士姑来迷你新村节 – DJC Students

Museum of Ocean Garbage Exhibition – DJC Students

12社区 15故事社区影像展- -DJC Students

Activity Gallery

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