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Continuous learning, diligent practice, create a better future

The 29th graduation ceremony of the Southern University College is finally around the corner. This is a defining moment that another batch of exceptional graduates from Southern University College (Southern UC) are now ready to serve the country and society with the knowledge and skills equipped during the studies in Southern UC.

Due to the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic and the regulations implemented by the government in these 2 years, we had no choice but to postpone the graduation ceremony. The Covid-19 pandemic has affected the daily life of many people and even caused death, and it has also affected the economic and social development of the country. The new normal of the epidemic has brought everyone new challenges, stimulated creativity and adaptability in us. The ability to turn the crisis into opportunity can result in fundamental, long-term growth and success.

Graduation is one of the significant milestones in the learning journey, and it is also a new starting point for a better future. Although higher education attainment does not represent high working efficacy, it is true that those with higher education level do put in efforts in the studies and researches. Therefore, they are having higher learning ability, adaptability and better performance at work. More importantly, the more knowledge you gained, the more options you will have in life, thus the chances of achieving success and happiness will be higher. Without further delay, seize every opportunity to learn new things and improve yourself as earlier as you can!

Great men have great dreams! Our dreams inspire us to look toward to a better tomorrow with optimism and determination, and thus be able to achieve unbelievable deeds. One thing to keep in mind is that no one can make your dreams come true except you yourself. Learning is not only about scoring high marks in examinations, but learning the way of dealing with people throughout the learning journey matters the most. Only those who had succeeded will understand the bittersweet of the learning journey.

You are the master of your destiny. The key to success always lies in your hands. As Tao Xingzhi’s saying goes: one ought to learn self-reliance in achieving self-worth rather than “other-worth”. It is not a matter of luck, birth, or connections, but the right mindset and attitude. For instance, filial piety is one of the most important virtues; while contributing to the community and the country, you should also repay your parents for their kindness and sacrifices.

Learning is a lifelong process of keeping abreast of change. Southern University College provides students with a conducive learning environment and offers many opportunities to learn various knowledge and skills. Therefore, for those students who have successfully graduated, you are welcomed to further studies at Southern UC and get enrolled in the postgraduate programmes for self-improvement. Those starting to work are encouraged not to stop learning because life never stops teaching.

In conclusion, I wish to convey my blessings and best wishes, and hope that you will continue to work towards living a better life. All the best for your future endeavours! Southern University College will always be proud of your achievements!



拿督陈洺臣 Dato’ Vincent Tan Meng Seng
拿督斯里张学富 Datuk Seri Teo Shiok Fu
拿汀郑惠珍 Datin Teh Hwee Tiang
吴来财先生 Mr. Goh Lai Chai 
高亚弟先生 Mr. Koh Ah Tee
吴计生先生 Mr. Eng Kai Sang
拿督廖天德 Dato’ Liow Tian Teck 
拿汀洪清芳 Datin Ang Chin Fan
蔡承杰先生 Mr. Chua Seng Kiat
叶永山先生 Mr. Yap Eng San
符传曙先生 Mr. Foo Suan Soo
李富新先生 Mr. Lee Poo Sin
郑书雄先生 Mr. Tee Suh Siong
王明生Mr. Heng Meng Seng
詹达显先生 Mr. Chiam Thard Shyann
陈海乾博士 Dr. Tan Hai Chyan
江永博士 Dr. Kong Weng Keong

曾国良Mr. Chan Kok Liang
李志文Mr. Lee Chee Boon

Chairman of Board of Governors

An important occasion worth celebrating–the 29th Southern University College Convocation Ceremony is finally around the corner. I am sure that all of us are proud of the 840 graduands who have successfully completed their studies and now to be conferred certificates. I believed that the graduation ceremony is one of the most memorable and precious moments for the graduands.

Due to the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic, the graduation ceremony had to be postponed and the ceremony shall be planned differently from the previous years. In accordance with the standard operating procedures (SOP), there will be limited number of participants to join the ceremony, thus more sessions to be planned and longer time is needed to complete the Convocation Ceremony. Although the ceremonies are to be conducted differently, the blessing remains the same. I wish you all the best as you move onto the next phase of your life.

Southern UC has continued to grow and develop. During these years, we have been putting efforts to develop and improve in every aspect, for example, to improve academic standards, strengthen the teaching professionals and upgrade both hardware and software facilities for teaching. With the close cooperation and support from the Board members, management and staff, we have been able to offer more than 50 programmes to cater to the needs at different levels, including PhD, Master, Bachelor, Diploma, Foundation and other technical courses, which have successfully nurtured many outstanding talents to serve the country and society.

As the first non-profit institute of higher education in Malaysia, Southern UC has been maintaining the fine cultural virtues of the Chinese community. Throughout the years, the alumni have been contributing in a wide range of industries; most of them have performed well and are experts in their own rights.

Every successive ladder that you climb will buy you a ticket for the next challenge. It is not just about learning theories or techniques during their studies in Southern UC, but graduates also have to think about the strength of uniting the knowledge and action; the practice of virtues while having professional capabilities in the real world after graduation. There will be eight special awards to be presented at this graduation ceremony. The special awards are so meaningful that each award represents the philanthropy for education and social benefit. We hope that our graduates will remember their alma mater and the many sweet memories that they have had at Southern UC.

So graduates, no matter where your final destination will be, you have made it here today. I wish you all the best in your future. Moreover, I also would like to express my special thanks to all the Board members, management and staff for their guidance and dedication to the students, as well as to the Chinese community for their generous support. Thank you.



莫泽浩先生 Mr. Mok Chek Hou
何舜成先生 Mr. Ho Soon Sing
拿督陈洺臣 Dato’ Vincent Tan Meng Seng
拿督斯里张学富 Datuk Seri Teo Shiok Fu
拿汀郑惠珍 Datin Teh Hwee Tiang
吴来财先生 Mr. Goh Lai Chai
高亚弟先生 Mr. Koh Ah Tee
吴计生先生 Mr. Eng Kai Sang
拿汀洪清芳 Datin Ang Chin Fan
拿督郑有文博士 Dato’ Dr. Chin Eu Boon
林文贤医师 Mr. Lim Boon Hime
黄玉棣先生 Mr. Ng Geok Tee
Prof. Dr. Hishamuddin Jamaluddin
Puan Hajah Inzura Binti Haji Kosnin
校长蔡润煌教授 Prof. Ir. Ts. Dr. Chuah Joon Huang
副校长梁龙光教授 Prof. ChM. Dr. Leong Loong Kong
艺术与设计学院-院长赵佩娟助理教授 Asst. Prof. Ts. Dr. Teo Pei Kian
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