Social Sciences Research Centre (SSRC)

The Social Sciences Research Centre is an independent, non-profit research centre which is proposed to be established at the Faculty of Humanities & Social Sciences to promote world class interdisciplinary research among Chinese, English and Malay Language Studies, Media Communication Studies as well as General Studies courses. The membership of the SSRC is open to all full-time academic staff of the Faculty of Humanities & Social Sciences (FHSS). One of the SSRC’s main functions is to publish the research findings of this field.

Facilities/ Infrastructure

• media platforms
• TV Broadcast Centre
• Proofreading of Research-Related Materials

Area of Consultation the centre can provide

• Visual Cultures,
• Photojournalism,
• Desktop Publishing,
• Culture,
• Translation,
• Creative Writing,


• Cultural and Heritage Studies,
• Linguistics,
• Literature,
• Applied Linguistics,
• English Language

Area of Research the centre can conduct on-behalf

• Still and Moving Image Representing,
• Traditional/ Online Publication,
• Malaysian Chinese Literature,
• Malay Literature Education, TESL,
• ESP, Malaysian Buddhism,
• Malaysian Chinese Social History, Religion and Culture Buddhism.

Area of Training the centre can deliver

• Visual Communication,
• Visual Cultures,
• Photojournalism, Creativity in Pedagogy, Translation of Literature,
• English for Specific Purposes,
• English and Malay Grammar, Ethics, Applied Ethics,
• Philosophy of Value.

Area of Collaboration the centre can join

• Post-Colonial Literature and Cultural Studies,
• Literature and Film Studies,
• Literature and Culture of Southern Asia
• Comparative Literature,
• Chinese Traditional Culture,
• Chinese Calligraphy Culture, Contemporary Chinese Language and Literature.

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