Faculty of Chinese Studies

The Faculty of Chinese Studies was established on June 6, 2023 on the basis of Department of Chinese Studies. The Department of Chinese Studies is the only department currently run by the Faculty of Chinese Studies. It has 26 years of experience in running schools, offering programmes from Diploma level, Bachelor’s Degree level, Master’s Degree level to Doctoral level. To further improve its educational functions, the Faculty of Chinese Studies has several planning, which include opening a new Creative Writing Master’s degree programme, relaunching the Sim Mow Yu Chinese Education and Teacher Training Programme, and collaboration with Aichi University Japan for on-site teaching programme.

The Faculty of Chinese Studies is closely associated with other academic units in Southern University College, such as the Research Institute of Chinese Ethnicity and Culture, the Malaysian Chinese Literature Centre, the Southern University College Academic Journal, the Chao Feng Literary magazine, the Southern Salon, and is also engaged with various major research projects and seminars. The academic units work in tandem with each other to achieve a comprehensive effect of collaboration, learning clusters and interdisciplinarity.

Senior Chair Professor Dr. Wong Yoon Wah serves as Dean of the Faculty of Chinese Studies. He graduated from the University of Wisconsin and was formerly the Head of the Chinese Studies Department at the National University of Singapore, Dean of the College of Humanities and Social Sciences at Yuan Ze University in Taiwan, and Senior Vice President of Southern University College.

The Faculty of Chinese Studies is housed on the fourth floor of the main building of Southern University College, and is integrated with the most important collections of Southern University College, including the library special collections room such as Wei Wei Hsien Special Collection, Malaysian Chinese Literature Centre, The Siku Quanshu Collection, etc. to constitute an important location for the study of worldwide Chinese culture.


Department of Chinese Studies

Prof. Dr. Wong Yoon Wah

Dean of Faculty

Senior Professor
Dean of Faculty Chinese Studies

Synergistic partnership

Foon Yew High School – Johor Bahru
Foon Yew High School – Kulai
Aizhi University- Japan

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