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7 March 2024

Pongal Madani 2024

Southern University College

Date: 7 March 2024

Time: 12.00 – 4.00 pm

Venue: Southern University College, IEB Foyer

Pongal is a traditional harvest festival celebrated primarily in the South Indian state of Tamil Nadu by Tamils. It typically falls in mid-January and marks the beginning of the sun’s six-month-long journey northward. It is also celebrated under many regional names in other parts of India. Pongal means to ‘overflow’, hence the pot of milk boils over to symbolize prosperity and abundance. The festival is also named after the dish “Pongal,” which is a sweet rice pudding made from freshly harvested rice, jaggery (unrefined cane sugar), milk, and spices. Pongal celebration is a time for families to come together, offer prayers to the Sun, and express gratitude for a bountiful harvest. It’s a joyous occasion filled with rituals, delicious food, and traditional games and activities.

Join us as we celebrate the richness of Indian culture and the spirit of gratitude at “Pongal Madani”! 🌾✨ SILCS invites you to an unforgettable Pongal celebration along with fun-filled traditional games. Let’s express gratitude to nature together.

The Pongal event will feature an array of activities such as a Pongal cooking contest, thoranam making contest, pot coloring contest, sugarcane eating contest, pot breaking contest, and F &B Sales. Contest Descriptions and event tentative

Please register your interest here:

Registration Form

The activities are subjected to group participation 8 – 10 pax per group. Participation is open to a maximum of 30 groups only. Kindly register by 4th March 2024 (Monday) 

17 March 2024

Southern TV's 2024 Student Crew is currently recruiting!

Southern University College
If you’re passionate about media work and aspire to be a student reporter 🗣️🎤🎬 or work behind the scenes 💻📸🎥, don’t miss out on this rare opportunity! Hurry up and sign up to join us! 🎞️🎞️ The deadline is March 17th!

Whether you want to showcase your talent in front of the camera or prefer to quietly contribute behind the scenes, we welcome your participation. 😊😊 Don’t hesitate, become a member of the crew now, and let’s create exciting media productions together!

Please register your interest here:

Registration Form

Latest News

28 February 2024

“Digital Finance – Cryptocurrencies and Digital Assets” by Professor Pei Sai Fan

Southern University College

Date: 28 February 2024

Time: 2.00pm

Venue: Southern University College, International Education Building (IEB) R205

In an effort to empower the community with cutting-edge insights into the world of digital finance, Faculty of Business and Management, Southern University College proudly announces a captivating talk titled “Digital Finance – Cryptocurrencies and Digital Assets” by Professor Pei Sai Fan, an esteemed expert in the field.

Scheduled for 28 February 2024,1:30 pm the event will take place at Southern University College, International Education Building (IEB) R205, and is open to students, faculty, and the public interested in understanding the intricacies of digital currencies and assets.

Digital finance has rapidly evolved in recent years, and Professor Pei Sai Fan brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to unravel its complexities. With a distinguished career in the financial sector and academic excellence, Professor Pei is poised to deliver a talk that promises to be both enlightening and thought-provoking.

Professor Pei Sai Fan, with over thirty years of experience in the financial industry, has worked in various sectors including commercial banking, investment banking, and served at the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS), the central bank and unified financial regulatory authority of Singapore. He was responsible for regulating banking institutions and later became the Founding Dean of the MAS Academy (China’s counterpart: Tsinghua University PBC School of Finance). Subsequently, he transitioned to academia, becoming a Professor of Quantitative Finance at Singapore Management University.

The event not only provides an opportunity for students to deepen their understanding of digital finance concepts but also serves as a platform for the community at large to engage with an expert in the field. The talk will cover key topics such as the impact of digital currencies on traditional finance, the rise of digital assets, and the future trends in the financial industry.

Please register your interest here:

Registration Form

No registration fees is required, but interested individuals are encouraged to register in advance to secure their spot.

For undergraduate students, Life 20/30 point is claimable. For more information, please contact the Faculty of Business and Management at 07-5586605, Ext 161.

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