Doctor of Philosophy Business Administration

Course Duration Full time: 3 – 7 years Part time: 4 – 9 years

Southern University College is located in the heart of Johor Bahru, the southern gateway to Peninsular Malaysia as well as the Iskandar Development Region(IDR).  The development region is set to become the most developed region in Southern Peninsular Malaysia.  We are pleased and proud to announce the launching of the first home-grown Ph.D. (Business Administration) programme by research.
In recognition of local and global concerns in this rapidly changing world, we constantly persist in our efforts to strive for greater excellence in education while continually upgrading the standards of our graduate programmes and research directions.
The programme aims to provide students with rigorous, in-depth and advanced research knowledge within their specific areas of business studies. It also aims to inculcate in them a systematic and ethical approach in conducting research in specialized areas, thereby contributing new insights to the body of knowledge and managerial practices.

After completion of the programme, graduates must be able to;

1. recognize and validate problems;
2. critically evaluate literature in business;
3. appropriate research methods;
4. conduct original research independently and adhere to legal, ethical and professional practices;
5. demonstrate mastery of qualitative and quantitative research skills;
6. interpret research findings and recommend solutions using scientific and critical thinking skills; and
7. demonstrate leadership qualities by communicating and working effectively.

Doctorate degree holders who complete the program should be able to assume researcher or educator role in private or public higher institution. They can also assume higher responsibility in top management in the corporate sector. The graduate should be able to gather relevant information, analyse, plan, organize, work independently as well as lead a team of staff in achieving organizational goals.

The Faculty

At present, the Faculty of Business and Management has about 30 teaching staff.  Most hold at least a postgraduate degree from leading universities throughout the world.  In addition, many have professional qualifications, work and consultancy experience.  Many of these staff has published in the learned international journals and proceedings of international conferences in their respective fields of specialization.

Programme Details

Intakes:  May and September

Full Time

Long Semester

No. of Weeks: 17 Weeks
No. of Semester: 6 Semester

Short Semester

No. of Weeks: 9 Weeks
No. of Semester: 3 Semester
No. of Years: Min : 3 years, Max: 7 years

Part Time

Long Semester

No. of Weeks: 17 Weeks
No. of Semester: 8 Semester

Short Semester

No. of Weeks: 9 Weeks
No. of Semester: 4 Semester
No. of Years: Min : 4 years, Max: 9 years

Entry Requirements

• A Master’s degree accepted by the SUC Senate: or
• Other qualification equivalent to a Master’s degree that are accepted by the SUC Senate.

Compulsory Core Course

• Research Methodology

This programme comprises three stages:

1. Proposal Defense

2. Postgraduate Completion Seminar

3. Viva voce

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