Congratulations on your graduation! Please be informed that you are cordially invited to attend the Convocation Ceremony. The 32nd Convocation will be held in Two (2) sessions

Category 32nd Southern UC Convocation (2023)
Date 15 July 2023 (Sat)
Venue Dato’ Seri Joseph Chong Hall (MPH)
Graduation semester 22B,22C,23A


Step 1: Online registration for attendance of convocation

All graduates are required to complete the online attendance form:
• Visit Southern UC’s website
• Login to G-Form

Category 32nd Southern UC Convocation (2023)
G-Form Login to G-Form
Deadline 30 June 2023 (Friday)
  • Complete the form
  • Southern UC Alumni Surveys

Step 2 : Graduation Message for Convocation Ceremony

Graduands can dedicate ONE short message to their parents/friends/lecturers during the convocation ceremony. The message will be displayed on the screen while you are on the stage to receive your scroll. We encourage all graduands to write a message to express their appreciation to their parents/friends/lecturers.

(1) Southern UC reserves the right to edit the messages, reject any indecent messages and not to display the messages without further notice.
(2) Late submission of message will not be accepted.

Step 3 : Convocation Gown’s Deposit (Diploma, Bachelor, Master & PhD programmes only)

Graduands (excluding Foundation Students) shall make a deposit payment to Account & Finance Office before collecting the Convocation Gown.

Particulars Amount
Deposit (Refundable) RM300.00
Rental & Cleaning Fee RM 50.00
Total RM350.00

*30 June 2023 (Late penalty of RM20.00 will be charged from 1 July 2023)

Payment Method

  • Direct cash bank-in
  • Online transfer using Instant Transfer or DuitNow QR
Bank Account No: PUBLIC BANK 315 001 222 6
Bank Account No: RHB BANK 201 400 000 497 39

*30 June 2023 (Late penalty of RM20.00 will be charged from 1 July 2023)

  • The softcopy of the official receipt will be sent to the graduands by email.
  • Graduands are required to provide the softcopy of the official receipt upon collecting the convocation gown from Student Affairs Office.

Step 4: Southern UC Alumni Surveys

All graduands are required to complete the simple surveys


Step 1: Convocation Gown & Entry ticket collection

  • Collection date, time & venue
Date of Collection & Time Venue Collection Remarks
26-28/06/2023 (Mon -Wed) 9am-5pm
30/06/2023 (Fri) 9am-5pm
01/07/2023 (Sat) 10am-2pm
Student Affairs Office (R151) Gown & Entry Ticket • Show the E-receipt of Gown’s Deposit.

Diploma Gown Size Reference

Measurement Below 157cm 157-163cm 163-178cm 178-183cm >183cm
Size S M L XL 2XL

Degree, Master & PhD Gown Size Reference

Measurement Below 149cm 150-159cm 160-169cm 170-179cm >183cm
Size XS S M L XL
  • Gown Size: On a first come first served basis (You may entrust a person to handle it for you)
  • Graduands are not allowed to change the size and no fitting of Convocation Gown is allowed. Thus, please ensure your size correctly upon collecting the Convocation Gown (sample of sizes will be shown according to the height)
  • Each graduand will be provided with Two (2) entry tickets only. ONLY three (3) persons are allowed for the entire convocation ceremony including graduand.

Step 2: Returning of Convocation Gown & Collection Certificate

Date Time Venue Remarks
17-21/07/2023 (Mon-Fri) 9am-5pm Student Affairs Office (SAO)
• Return Gown
Academic Affairs, Admission & Registration Office (AARO)
• Collection Certificate
Student Affairs Office (SAO)
• Show your Tracer Study E-recei.
Academic Affairs, Admission & Registration Office (AARO)
• Show your MyKad.
• Students who have NO OUTSTANDING PAYMENT are allowed to collect the certificate.

(RM10 will be charged for the delay per working day)

Step 3 Refund of Convocation Gown’s Deposit

The deposit of RM300 will be refunded by online transfer to student’s personal account within 6 weeks after the convocation ceremony.

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