Faculty of Chinese Studies

Full-Time Lecturers

Prof. Dr. Wong Yoon Wah
Dean, Senior Professor
Ext No.: 222/292
Email: yoonwah@sc.edu.my
Asst. Prof. Dr. Tam Yong Huei
HOD (Dept. of Chinese Studies); Assistant Professor
Ext No.: 293
Email: yhtam@sc.edu.my
Lok Jun Yan
Deputy Head (Dept. of Chinese Studies);Lecturer
Ext No.: 294
Email: jylok@sc.edu.my
Asst. Prof. Dr. Chan Yew Loong
Programme Coordinator (Dept. of Chinese Studies) ; Assistant Professor
Ext No.: 237
Email: ylchan@sc.edu.my
Prof. Dr. Khor Boong Eng
Ext No.: 136
Email: bekhor@sc.edu.my
Assoc. Prof. Dr. Pang Nian Yin
Associate Professor 
Ext No.: 151
Email: nypang@sc.edu.my
Assoc. Prof Dr. Tang Chew Peng
Associate Professor 
Ext No.: 220
Email: cptang@sc.edu.my
Asst. Prof. Dr. Ang Yee Ling
Assistant Professor
Ext No.: 289
Email: ylang@sc.edu.my
Asst. Prof. Dr. Chen Fan Jing
Assistant Professor
Ext No.: 289
Email: fjchen@sc.edu.my
Khoo Kay Lai
Lecturer, Faculty of Chinese Studies
Ext No.: 289
Email: klkhoo@sc.edu.my
Dr. Tan Ooi Chee
Adjunct Professor, Faculty of Chinese Studies (Part-time)
Ext No.: 136
Email: octan@sc.edu.my
Asst. Prof. Dr. Bak Jia How 
Assistant Professor
Ext No.: 136
Email: jhbak@sc.edu.my


Tan Min
Ext No.: 289
Email: mtan@sc.edu.my
Cham Kai Wen
Ext No.: 238
Email: kwcham@sc.edu.my
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