Diploma in International Business

R/340/4/0498 (A5806)06/20

PA 5806

Course Duration: 2.Years 4 Months

This program is specifically designed in response to the ever evolving globalization process and the dynamism of business in international context. The program emphasizes both the theoretical and practical aspects of global and cross-cultural business activities. Upon successful completion of the program, graduate students will acquire sufficient knowledge, sensitivity and competency towards international business opportunities.

Course Objective

– To equip students with a broad and current knowledge of international business operations.
– To prepare and train students for careers in organizations and industries related to international business
– To assist students in developing the skills and competency necessary for the challenging and complex global and cross-cultural economy
– To support and contribute to the growth of national economy and global business

Key Features

– A flexible Diploma route to undergraduate International Business studies
– An entry level and recognized qualification in international and cross-cultural business
– English language enhancement module is provided by the program
– Students can experience a wide range of innovative teaching and learning methods
– Full Accreditation by Malaysian qualifications Agency ( MQA, MOHE)

Career Prospects

After graduation, students can serve in a variety of industrial or commercial sectors; for academic advancement, they have the option of pursuing further studies in business programs specializing in international as well as cross-cultural aspects.

International Business diploma graduates are hired by multi-national corporations, businesses involved in foreign trade (import/export), international non-profit organizations. Below is a sample listing for international business career.

– International business consultant
– International advertising
– International brand management
– International human resource management
– Cross cultural advisory and training
– Foreign business agency representative

– International trade administrator
– International Aid agency staff
– Business and overseas trade representatives
– Travel and tourism business executive
– Self-employed / Entrepreneur

Common Core Module

• Financial Accounting I
• Business Communication
• Information Technology
• Entrepreneurship
• Computer Applications
• E-Commerce
• Microeconomics


• Macroeconomics
• Business Law
• Fundamentals of Management
• Organizational Behaviour
• Human Resource Management
• Fundamentals of Marketing
• Statistics

Discipline Core / Specialization Modules

• International Finance
• International Business
• Export Management for Small Business
• Cross Cultural Management
• International Relations


• International Trade & Policy
• International Economics
• Introduction to Logistics Operations
• International Marketing

Elective Modules

Select Any Two

• Basic Chinese
• Chinese
• Grammar for ESL
• General English



• Personal Finance
• Business Mathematics
• Consumer Behaviour
• Sales Management

UC Compulsory

• Communicative English


Entry Requirement

1. UEC for the Chinese Independent Secondary School (Senior Middle Level) with 3 credits
2. SPM with a pass in Bahasa Malaysia and 3 credits
3. Any other equivalents

Other Related Courses

Bachelor of Business Administration (Honours) in Marketing
Diploma in Marketing
Diploma in Logistic Management
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