Bachelor of Business Administration (Honours) in Tourism Management

Course Duration: 3 Years

The Bachelor of Business Administration (Honours) in Tourism Management programme is designed to equip students with necessary theoretical and practical knowledge in the field of Business Administration while at the same time focusing on Tourism Management to either gain meaningful employment at a supervisory or management level in the industry or to continue their studies at a post-graduate level in a related field.
Understanding of key business and tourism administration concepts help students to develop intellectual skills which are needed to cope with today’s complex and dynamic business and tourism environment. Students are taught the theories of business and tourism, and they then proceed to fulfil their practice and industrial training. Students learn both the hard and soft skills. Tourism policy studies, and Tourist destination management. In addition, the programme integrates the development of professional skills, values and ethics to enable graduates to function as competent professionals with integrity throughout their careers.

Career Prospect

The tourism industry in Malaysia requires professionals who are able to demonstrate skills such as communication, administration, leaderships and teamwork as well as possess a demonstrable technical expertise. These skills are embedded in the programme and individual learning outcomes.
Graduates of this programme will have good career opportunities in the related business fields, such as travel agencies, tourist attractions and recreational hubs, airports, cruises and others.  Graduates who have completed the program will be able to handle day-to-day business operation functions starting from junior or executive level. The emergent needs of the profession include competency in communication, analysis and decision making, abilities to organize and work independently as well as good interpersonal skills. This programme fully prepares students with these required skills.

Common Core Module

• Business Communication
• Business Law
• Business Research Methods
• Business Statistics I
• Business Statistic II
• Cost & Management Accounting
• Information Technology & Business Application
• International Business Management
• Introduction to Financial Accounting


• Introduction to Psychology
• Macroeconomics
• Microeconomics
• Organisational Behaviour
• Principles of Management
Principles of Marketing
• Strategic Management
• Academic English

Discipline Core / Specialisation Modules

• Domestic & International Tour Planning and Operations
• Eco-Tourism
• Event Management
• E-Tourism Services
• Food Tourism
• Introduction to Tourism and Hospitality Industry


Rural,Culture and Agro Tourism
• Tourism Destination Management
• Tourism Entrepreneurship
• Tourism Policy Studies
• Transportation and Geography in Tourism Industry
• Travel Industry Operations

Elective Modules

Elective (Core)

• Basic Chinese / Introduction to Chinese Culture

Elective (Open)

(Select Any Three)

• English Proficiency
• Fundamentals of Financial Management
• Human Resource Management
• International Marketing




• Performance Management
• Production and Operations Management
• Public Relations
• Public Speaking
• Risk and Value Management in Property

Industrial Training

4 months (8 credits)

Career Opportunities

• Travel Agencies & Tour Operations
• Hotel and related Hospitality Industry
• Executive / Supervisor in International and National Food Chains


• Executive / ln-charge in Hospital and Institutional Catering
• Executives/ Supervisors in State Tourism Development Corporations

Entry Requirement

  • UEC: With a minimum of 5 credits
  • STPM: With a minimum of CGPA 2.0 and a minimum of Grade C (SGP 2.0) in any two subjects
  • A-Level: With a minimum of CGPA 2.0 with at least a full pass in any two subjects
  • Foundation/ Matriculation: With a minimum of CGPA 2.0
  • Diploma/ Advanced Diploma: With a minimum of CGPA 2.0
  • Others: Other equivalent qualifications recognised by the Malaysian Government
  • English Competency requirement for International Student: IELTS 5.0 or MUET Band 3 or its equivalent
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