Doctor of Philosophy (Chinese Studies)

R/0231/8/0005 (MQA/FA10010) 12/30
Course Duration: Full-Time: 3 – 6 years; Part-Time: 4 – 8 years

Inheriting the tradition of Sinology, the teaching and research fields of The Doctor of Philosophy (Chinese Studies) cover ancient and modern Chinese language, literature, history, philosophy on one hand, and break through the model of traditional disciplines on the other hand, incorporating emerging disciplines such as Chinese Ethnics Studies, Malaysian Chinese literature, Chinese-Japanese-Korean literature, Southeast Asian culture, and Comparative between the East and the West.

Career Opportunities

  • Educator at a university or college
  • Researcher
  • Manager/Supervisor in a related field
  • Advancement in current career

Courses of Study

  • Research Resources and Methodology in Chinese Studies (3 Credits)
  • Graduate Research Skills (3 Credits)
  • Dissertation (9 credits)

Entry Requirements

  • A Master’s degree (Level 7), MQF in language or a related field.
  • Others: Equivalent professional qualification from a recognized professional body.
  • English Competency Requirement for International Student: A minimum score of 5.0 in IELTS or its equivalent.

Other Related Courses

Master of Arts in Chinese Studies
Bachelor of Arts (Honours) Chinese Studies
Diploma in Chinese Studies
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