Department of Languages & General Studies

Division of English Studies

The Division of English Studies offers Bachelor of Arts (Honours) English Language Teaching programme. The programme will equip you with the English language skills as well as the international and business communication skills to help you advance in your future career.

The fundamental aim of The Division of English Studies is to provide a rich and rewarding experience of discovering how the English language works. It allows you to investigate how the English Language functions and effects success, from theories to their applications in multidisciplinary fields.

Besides delivering comprehensive and significant knowledge, we also strive to enrich you with the skills required for your career and/or further study. We support and guide students through their studies, research and choice of careers every step of the way.

We welcome you to explore our avant-garde English Language modules whereby you will be trained and equipped with professional knowledge and skills in the use of the English language in both academic and business contexts.


Bachelor of Arts (Honours) English Language Teaching

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