Bachelor of Education (Honours) (Guidance & Counselling)


Course Duration: 4 Years

Bachelor of Education (Honours) (Guidance and Counseling) places great emphasis on a solid foundation in this discipline and exposures to counseling in various settings and organizations. This programme revolves around guiding and encouraging individuals to cope with mental, career, health and wellness obstacles in accomplishing success in their lives. This programme is focused to offer a basic entry qualification to professional counselling. In addition, it is also appropriate for those individuals who aspire to strengthen their counselling skills in addressing personal challenges through a structured method.

Compulsory Subjects

• Foundations of Education
• Philosophy of Education
• Sociology of Education
• Comparative and International Education
• Assessment and Evaluation in Education
• Curriculum and Pedagogy

Core Subjects

• Introduction to Guidance and Counselling
• Guidance and Career Development
• Family and Parenting Counselling
• Basic Skills in Counselling
• Assessment in Counselling
• Research Project in Counselling


• Counselling Theories
• Individual Counselling
• Ethics in Counselling
• Career Counselling
• Group Counselling

Minor Subjects

Track 1: Teaching of English
• Introduction to Linguistics
• TESL: Methods and Methodologies
• Teaching of Grammar
• Teaching of Writing
• Listening & Speaking in English
• Teaching of Reading


Track 2: Teaching of Chinese
• Modern Chinese
• Modern Chinese Literature
• Readings in Chinese Poetry
• Chinese Teaching Methods
• History of Malaysia Chinese
• Chinese Writing and Practical Chinese

Elelctive Subjects

• Crisis and Trauma Counselling
• Developmental Psychology
• Couple and Marriage Counselling
• Addiction Counselling
• Health Psychology

Entry Requirement

Pass STPM CGPA 2.0 with a minimum of Grade C in two subjects.UEC: Grade B in 5 subjects;
Foundation: Pass with minimum CGPA of 2.0;
Diploma: Pass with minimum CGPA of 2.0

Career Opportunities

School Counsellors
Career Counsellors
Community Based Social Workers
Family Therapists
Domestic Violence Counsellings


Multicultural Counsellings
• Transformational Coachings
• College Counsellors
• Registered Counsellors

Other Related Courses

Bachelor in Psychology (Honours)
Bachelor of Early Childhood Education (Honours)
Diploma in Early Childhood Education
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