Asset Management & General Affairs Office

The Asset Management and General Affairs Office (AGO) undertakes wide-range duties in Southern University College. While its main aim is to centralize the management of properties and assets, cleanliness, safety, facilities and equipment in the University College, it also strives to provide commendable services to facilitate all campus activities and events, including teaching, learning and research, administrative work, student affairs and rental matters. The AGO is also committed to provide quality service in carrying out the relevant activities needed by the public.

Asset Management

– To monitor, supervise and manage the use of all University College’s facilities and assets
– To systematically and periodically categorize and maintain the assets to achieve the control objective
– To properly regulate the use of all facilities and assets in order to increase the life-spans, thus maintaining or increasing its values

General Affairs

– To be responsible for the utility’s consumption in the University College
– To be responsible for the cleanliness of the physical environment and security of the University College
– To oversee the tender of canteens
– To manage the car park areas systematically
– To oversee the rentals of the auditoriums, multi-purpose hall, game courts etc.

Venue Rental

The Main Building

The Main Building



Computer Rooms

The Air-Conditioned Classrooms

Outdoor Venues

Tennis Courts

Volleyball Courts

Basketball Courts

Football Court

Hua Yuan

Outdoor Stage

Multi-Purpose Building

Dato Seri Joseph Chong Hall is quite spacious and its width is 50 meters and the length is 80 meters. The hall can accommodate up to 2500 seats; and, it is available for catering for feasts with around 150 banquet tables. Plenty of functions can be conducted here such as orientation ceremonies, graduation ceremonies, musical concerts, academic seminars, workshops, sports activities, community banquets, and etc. Moreover, there is a big stage for cultural and artistic performances.

Dato Seri Joseph Chong Hall is well equipped with facilities such as stage lighting, PA system, backdrop and soundproof setting. This particular stage is 70 rules in width wide and 30 rules in dept and are made up of fine wood. On the upper side of the stage backdrop, there are two poles for hanging up event banners.

Museum and Gallery represent an important role in artistic exchange. Also, it is an elegant place for art exhibition. Various types of activities had been held in this gallery. For example, International Arts and Calligraphy Exhibition 2009, Johor Teachers Training Programme in Calligraphy, Cultural Retrospective Exhibition of Yao Tuo were held in here. Besides that, the art corridor is 12 rules in width and 105 rules in length. Art works can be displayed here.

Dato Seri Joseph Chong Hall

Tan Sri Dato’ J C Chang Museum & Gallery

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