Academic Affairs, Admission & Registration Office

The mission of the Academic Affairs, Admission & Registration Office of the University College is to facilitate the educational process by assisting its students, faculty and staff. It acts as a “behind the scene’ facilitator for students, faculty and staff as they pursue the academic goals of the University College. The AARO periodically reviews and amends academic matters, and with the co-operation of all teaching staff members, it strives to accomplish successfully in the University College’s quality teaching objectives and aims.

The main duties of AARO include handling the process of admitting new candidates as students at Southern University College, issuing required student documents and managing examination related matters. Aside from providing the highest possible service and satisfaction to students, faculties, and customers, the AARO always strives to raise the quality of delivery in the teaching and learning process in line with the vision and mission of the University College administration to make it an established university in the near future. To realize the goals of attaining higher academic standing of the University College, the AARO works closely with faculties and academic administrators in implementing academic policies .

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