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There is no doubt that university students are at a stable stage in their intellectual, spiritual, morality and emotional developments. Therefore, it has becomes the priority of Student Affairs Office (SAO) to integrate these elements into the mental development of students. SAO puts students in the first place, taking charge of the activities, accommodation, welfare, and through mental health, by providing various resources, including extracurricular activities, scholarships, student residence and counselling, so that students can strive in their study. To provide an all-rounded service, SAO has set up six units, namely Student Activity Unit, Scholarship and Education Loan Unit, Counselling Unit, Student Residence Unit, Student Foreign Affairs, Alumni Communication and System Management Unit, and Student Exchange Unit….


To make Southern UC a campus of humanity, SAO has set up two missions:

1. Build a Cosy and Safe Campus Living

SAO strives to build a conducive environment for study. In order to allow students to concentrate on their study without worry, SAO provides various assistance and services to all students. For a start, SAO do provide accommodation and the opportunity for communal living to non-local students. At the same time, Southern UC provides several kinds of scholarships and education loans which students can apply for funding to solve their financial difficulties and encourage them to strive for academic excellence. To ensure students’ safety are well covered, every students are is under the protection of group personal accident insurance. With these, we hope that Southern UC can serve as a second home for our students.

2. Mould a Healthy Personality

In pursuing excellence in academic, it is also important for students to maintain their health physically and mentally. We work relentlessly to ensure our students possess a healthy and good personality, mental outlook and moral sentiment, to set themselves a clear target on their current and future life. SAO employs professional counsellor to give students counselling and psychological tests, career path planning, and seminar on mental health. Through this, we hope that our students can live their life to the fullest.

Service Provided

Student Activity

Scholarship and Education Loan


Student Residence

Student Career and Internship

Student Exchange

Annual Events

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