Southern UC Academic Journal

Volumn 1 (2013)

Contents of Past Volumes

论文 Dissertations

郑良树 Tay Lian Soo
Poem and Music (Shi and Yue)
谢川成 Chiah Seng
Implementation of Confucian Classics Recitation in Malaysia
张耀龙 Chan Yew Loong
Analysis of the Basics and the Principles of Zhu-DunRu’s Poetry through the Images of Dreams in QiaoGe
陈秋平 Tang Chew Peng
The Charity Movements of Malaysian Buddhist: An Analysis of Chinese Buddhist Organization in Penang
李奕志 Lee Yik Chee
Singapore Chinese community’s struggle for civil rights in post-war period: A review of existing studies and some reflections
余小慧 Yu Sheau Huey
Whaway Lottery(Hua Hoey)of Penang Chinese Community at the End of 19th Century
解昆桦 Hsieh Kun-Hua
后殖民/本土的马来亚——王润华《热带雨 林与殖民地》的拘禁与流动书写
Writing in Custody and Flow in Wong Yoon-Wah’s Tropical Rain Forest and Colony
Kan Yoke Yue, Lim Guan Choo
Malaysian Stock Market and International Integration

人文随笔·Literary Articles

Nadia Bte Ishak
Masalah Penggunaan Bahasa Slanga di Kalangan Remaja

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