Planning, Development, Accreditation & Quality Assurance Office

Southern University College is committed to ensuring a high-quality learning experience through the enhancement of teaching and learning quality.

The Planning Development, Accreditation Quality Assurance (PDAQ) Office manages and oversees policies, procedures, standards and quality of the academic programmes as well as supports the enhancement of learning activities.

It is our responsibility to ensure that the policies and procedures are effectively implemented, monitored, maintained and continuously enhanced to support quality teaching and students’ learning experience.

Together with the academic and other administrative offices, PDAQ coordinates key quality assurance processes that include: programme design, approval, amendment and closure; annual programme monitoring and review; Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI) activities; accreditations of programmes by professional bodies, Malaysian Qualifications Agency; and periodic internal and external reviews.

Tasks & Duties

– to assure the quality of higher education institute and programmes;
– to accredit courses that fulfill the stipulated criteria and standards according to the rules and regulations of MQA and MOE;
– to develop standards and criteria based on the Malaysian Qualification Framework.
– to plan and implement new programmes
– to review the curriculum design of all the existing programmes

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