Infrastructure Planning, Safety and Security Office (IPSSO)

IPSSO is dedicated to provide the best quality of the environment to support Southern University College in operation. The personnel in IPSSO works on the operational procedure, planning of SUC’s facilities development as well as safety and security within the campus to enhance the character of the university and promotes its growth and standing in future.

Infrastructure planning

Infrastructure planning focuses on campus facility construction planning, coordination and supervision. IPSSO provides administrative and professional services required to build new buildings and accomplish buildings renovation. The team offers services in project management, which include cost and material e estimations , work timetable preparation, negotiate terms of agreement, interpret technical information , report work progress and budget matters to the University College management, document management, collaborate with the construction specialists, coordinate work with contractors, review work progress, plan ahead to prevent or respond to work emergency and any other problems and ensure quality standards. In general, the team plans construction projects and oversee the progress of the projects from start to finish in a timely and cost-effective manner to meet the objectives of the projects.

Safety and Security

IPSSO protects the member, property and environment of SUC from harm and increases the awareness of staff and students on the campus safety issue. The office inspects and analyse the potential danger or hazardous activities and provides guidance to improve the condition and prevent damage. In addition, the office provides incident handling guidance which the office generates, evaluates and finalises operational procedures for execution. Aside from instruction set-up, Student Residential Unit (SRU) and Security Guard and Traffic Unit assist in strengthening the safety of the university. Student Residential Unit (SRU) provides hostel management and assistance to the student residents while Security Guard and Traffic Unit monitor and control the activity within the campus, acting as the first hand in response to any emergency that occurs in the campus. In addition, IPSSO manages and evaluates Security Guard and Traffic Unit to ensure that the services from the unit is are professional, efficient and consistent, and the campus compound is safeguarded and secured.

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