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Industrial Advisor Panel (IAP) and Student Online Meeting on 30th December 2020

Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering hold an online meeting with the Industrial Advisor Panel (IAP) on 30th December 2020.  Mr. Hau Min Tze, Managing Director of HAUS Engineering (M) Sdn. Bhd was the speaker for the session. Mr. Hau has 10 years of experience in construction field and specialized in commercial development, high rise building, township planning and factories. He started the meeting with a presentation on the title of “The Role of Engineer and the Quality of Engineer”.

In the discussion session, Mr. Hau shared the role technician and engineer in the society, the professional path of technician and engineer, the governing laws in Malaysia and the quality of a technician and engineer. He mentioned that engineers are trained to recognize and solve engineering problems; technicians are highly trained to perform specific tasks. In order to recognize, perform and solve engineering tasks, graduates have to have a very particular set of skills, skills acquired over a long career. These includes team players, continuous learning, learning attitudes, communication skills, critical and logical thinking, problem solving and attention to details.

The thought of entering the real world can be very daunting for graduates who are going into the workplace for their first real job. It’s imperative to balance the professional jobs and personal life. Mr. Hau mentioned that one of the main components to being successful is by established a positive attitude and willingness to learn. People who demonstrate a positive attitude have better relationship with their peers and managers, are seen as more productive and are offered more opportunities for advancement.

The meeting session end in a happy atmosphere with a virtual group photo.

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