Faculty of Chinese Medicine

Full-Time Lecturers

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Lim Juat Hong
Dean; Associate Professor cum TCM Practitioner
Ext No.: 152/213
Email: jhlim@sc.edu.my
Asst. Prof. Dr. Soh Chiun Siung
Deputy Head cum Programme Coordinator, Depart. of Chinese Medicine; Assistant Professor
Ext No.: 152
Email: cssoh@sc.edu.my
Asst. Prof. Dr. Lee Ze Hong
Assistant Professor
Ext No.: 152
Email: zhlee@sc.edu.my
Won Pic Ying
Lecturer cum TCM Practitioner 
Ext No.: 152
Email: pywon@sc.edu.my
Liang Shu-Nung
Ext No.: 152
Email: snliang@sc.edu.my


Lim Shi Min
Executive 执行员 


Ext No.: 152
Email: smlim@sc.edu.my
Hue Jing Jie
Lab Executive
Ext No.: 152
Email: jjhue@sc.edu.my
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