Educational Goals & Quality Policy

The guiding Principles include the following:

• To prepare students for the technological workplace of vision 2020. This is to maintain the preponderance of education in Science and technology so as to contribute maximally towards human resource training.

• To foster a new generation of good human beings with desired moral values and be able to contribute towards the harmony, unity and prosperity of our multi-ethnic society and nation.

• To produce students who are knowledgeable and competent by encouraging multi-lingual proficiency. It is made compulsory for all students to study two other languages in addition to the language used as medium of instruction.

• To promote research studies as the image and status of the college is a reflection of the experise and trustworthiness of the academicians in implementing their research supported by an efficient administration. The college would not only be for the students but also serve the function of consultation for the general public.

• To enhance academic standard so that the qualification awarded and courses conducted by the college are validated by esteemed local and foreign higher educational institutions. In addition, the graduates are aspired to attain a higher degree of proficiency and recognition in their chosen profession.

• To conduct courses tailored for working adults. The objective is to enable those who missed the chance to further their study while they were young as well as those who could not get a place at the universities to fulfil their dream of obtaining a higher qualification. Adult education courses conducted can be in the form of short term training courses, evening classes, off-campus courses etc; as determined by circumstances.

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