Department of Languages & General Studies

On top of providing MQA required courses, the General Studies Division also offers courses related to various aspects of humanities. The division aims to produce graduates who are equipped with knowledge of professional and liberal studies that will serve them in becoming well-rounded intellectuals. All courses offered here are specially intended to emphasise the integration of many aspects of humanities and social sciences, a significant element of human life. The interdisciplinary approach in the courses in this division has proven to be advantageous to students from all backgrounds.

Life 20 and Life 30 contains three categories as follows:
  • Seminar
  • Classical Books Reading
  • Voluntary Work
Students need to fulfill the requirements of all three categories above to pass this subject. A detailed briefing will be given by the assigned lecturer during the first class. The Division of General Studies reserves the right to make adjustments to the rules and SOP of Life 20/30 when it is deemed necessary.
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