Congratulations on your graduation! Please be informed that you are cordially invited to the 29th Southern UC Convocation Ceremony, which will be held in FOUR (4) sessions. The details are as follows:


Graduands are required to complete the online attendance and graduation survey form by referring to the following steps:

1.1 Login to Google Form
Google Form:
Deadline: 9 October 2021

1.2 Enter/Fill in your personal particulars and graduation message

1.3 Southern UC Graduation Survey

Graduation Message for Convocation Ceremony

Graduands can dedicate ONE short message to their parents/friends/lecturers after the convocation ceremony. We encourage all graduands to participate in this message dedication to express their appreciation to their parents/friends/lecturers.

(1) Southern UC reserves the right to edit the messages, reject any indecent messages and not to display the messages without further notice.
(2) Late submission of the graduation message will not be accepted.

Southern UC Graduation Survey

Graduands are required to complete the Southern UC Graduation Survey.

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