Computer Centre

Ever since the establishment of the college, the Computer Centre has been playing a vital role in providing various kinds of computer hardware and software as well as network facilities in aid of teaching and learning, academic research, administration, etc. in the campus. In support of the college’s development, the centre also aids in developing and regulating the computerization of information system, thus, it strengthens the links and coordination among administrative units and further enhances the efficacy of campus operating system.

Current Status & Services

At present, there are 6 computer laboratories at the centre that can accommodate more PC and meeting the daily work demand.

The computer centre is responsible for setting, managing and maintaining services such as users account maintenance, website hosting and email, the installation and maintenance of multiple servers with specific operating systems and important application software. The office 365 has been implemented recently to facilitate the email users via cloud service.

Server Room 1

Server Room 2

UPS Backup Power System

Our Services

– User Account Creation/ Maintenance
– Internet
– Campus Management Development/ Maintenance
– IT Support for Examination in Labs
– Website Development/ Webpages Maintenance
– Hardware/ Server/ Networking Troubleshooting


– Procurement for Hardware/ Software Licensing
– Ad-Hoc Event IT support
– Printing/ Scanning
– Reservation for IT Equipment



Lab 115-A

Lab 115-B

Lab 115-C

Lab 115-D

Lab 115-E

Lab 115-F

IEB Computer Lab

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