Diploma in Computer Science


PA 8297

学习期限: 两年三个月

This course has been designed in response to the needs of the rapid development of the country and to support the growth and success of the Multimedia Super Corridor project introduced by the government. The design of the course curriculums not only emphasizes academic theories and practical applications, but it also takes into considerations  the career prospect and future development of the students. Therefore, it covers most of the aspects of Information Technology. The course focuses mainly in system analysis, programming and system development.

课程教育目标 (PEOs)

PEO1: Graduate can utilize computer science knowledge, suitable methodologies, scientific approaches and computing tools to solve computer science problems and develop computer applications creatively and ethically.

PEO2: Graduate is capable, practical and technically competent in computer science discipline to meet industry requirements.

PEO3: 毕业生具有独立和终身学习的解决问题和分析技能的相关知识。

课程学习成果 (PLO)

1. Graduates are able to apply the knowledge of algorithm, software methods and computer system in computer science field.

2. Graduates are able to demonstrate theoretical principles, programming and technical skills of computer science into practice and in relevant areas.

3. Graduates are responsible to the works assigned to them and able to demonstrate teamwork, interpersonal and social skills in groups or teams.

4. Graduates have good moral responsibility to carry out their duties as software coder and to work ethically in their workplace and even in society.

5. Graduates are able to communicate effectively both in written and spoken form with ICT professionals and show their leadership to lead juniors in computer applications development projects or even in management level.

6. Graduates are able to utilize relevant techniques and appropriate methodologies in analyzing problem solving, designing, implementing and managing ICT solutions and computer applications.

7. Graduates are able to use different ways to continue their further study, carry out research and analyze on ICT problems, and accumulate the information and knowledge for their career development.

8. Graduates are trained on the basic programming skills, system analysis process, computer science principle and practice studies. The studies thus provide the understanding and platform for graduates to further their interests into entrepreneurship, management and design skills.



• Introduction to Programming
• Discrete Mathematics
• System Analysis and Design
• Database System Design



• Project
• Computer Organization and Architecture
• Operating System
• Networking and Distributed System

University College Core Modules

• 交际英语
• Chinese / Basic Chinese
• Physical Education I
• Physical Education II
• Contemporary Literacy

Concentration Modules

• Computer System
• Mathematics for Computing
• Calculus
• Java Programming
• Advanced Java Programming


• Data Structure and Algorithm
• Human Computer Interaction
• Visual Basic.Net
• Internet Application
• Web-Based Systems



• Introduction to Multimedia
• Business Information System
• Project Management
• Strategic Information System

University College Core Modules

• General English
• Fundamental of Mathematics
• Advanced Mathematics


• 工业实习


• Programmer
• Web Designer
• Software Developer
• Software Engineer
• Systems Engineer


• Systems Administrator
• Database Analyst
• Database Engineer
• Database Specialist


• 大马教育文凭(SPM) - 至少三科优等(包括数学)
• 大马高级教育文凭(STPM) 一科及格及大马教育文凭数学科目获优等
• 独中统考(UEC) -至少三科优等(包括数学)
• 通过技职文凭或一年相关工作经验或一个学期的衔接课程


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