Diploma in Visual Art


PA 10426

课程时长: 2年8个月

Visual Art enhances your understanding of arts through the combination of theory and practice, which aim to nourish all-around artist with the capability to create art, criticise art , and appreciate art.  The programme encourages mixed-media work and embraces other means ranging from 3D object installation art and traditional approaches to the print medium.  Students are trained on the creation of visual centred artwork, such as painting, drawing, fine art photography, printmaking, and 3D sculpture and installation art.  Through exposures to methods, concepts and a range of techniques.  Students learn how develop their decision-making processes in relation to issues of form, content, materials, and presentation skill.  Students can work collaboratively and explore a number of paths of the painting medium that can lead them to become an artist.


• 设计基础
• 绘画基础
• 色彩学
• 电脑绘制学
• 艺术与设计史
• 摄影入门
• 专业实践


• Studio Drawing: Colours
• History of Art Appreciation
• Aesthetics Appreciation
• Oil Painting
• Water Colour Painting
• Chinese Ink Painting
• Printmaking: Media
• Sculpture: 3D


• Installation Art
• Studio Drawing: Techniques
• Fine Art Photography
• Aesthetics Criticism
• Mix Media Painting
• Printmaking: Techniques
• Sculpture: Metal
• Diploma Project


• General English
• Illustration
• Digital Image Processing
• Desktop Publishing I
• Film Appreciation


• Digital Graphic Design
• Corporate Identity System
• Visual Production
• Chinese Calligraphy
• Workshop Practice I


• 工业实习


• Art administrator
• Art educator
• Gallery management
• Illustrator


• Art consultancy
• Professional artists
• Curator


• SPM/O- Level至少3个优等 (包括面试和个人作品)
• 统考至少3个B
• 其他相等受承认资格


Bachelor of Design (Honours) Computer Graphic Study
工业设计 (荣誉) 学士学位
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