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Gymnastic Workshop for students from Diploma in Early Childhood Education (DECE)

Date: 2017/01/05    Type: Campus News    Department: Faculty of Education & Psychology

        On 19th November and 3rd December, a group of 17 students from Department of Education participated in a two-day workshop in English Ballet Academy. This workshop was conducted by Miss Chiam Fei Fei, an experienced instructor that provides coaching in basic gymnastic skills especially for preschool children.

        In fulfilment of one of students’ learning objectives for the course ‘Physical Activities for Young Children (DEPA2043)’, the workshop helped to equip the students with the knowledge, concepts, skills and the role of child educator for gymnastic. Miss Chiam demonstrate and taught students basic gymnastic skills such as basic tumbling passes, barrel, tuck jumps, turns, skip and the proper and effective non-locomotor and locomotor movements, safety precautions that are suitable and necessary for young children.

        Through this workshop, students managed to demonstrate the ability to compose and conduct the basic gymnastic skills in structured and imaginative ways. They were able to stimulate their imaginations to conduct the movements. Miss Chiam conducted an assessment at the end of this workshop. It was a fruitful workshop and students learnt about proper and effective ways on how to conduct and implement basic gymnastic skills for preschool children and gained insight into this aspect of early childhood education.

A group photo with the instructor, Miss Chiam Fei Fei