Faculty of Education & Psychology

Faculty of Education and Psychology produces trained and knowledgeable professionals in education and human development to address behavioral and social problems. To meet the challenging needs of the 21st century, the faculty draw on, integrates, and synergizes fundamental disciplines such as pedagogy, psychology and counselling to produce skilled and competent graduates. Employing a careful mixed of contemporary courses and programs, the faculty aspires to produce highly skilled and competent graduates who are well-balanced in terms of their intellectual, emotional, and spiritual quotients in order to contribute positively to the human capital development.

The Department of Education plays a critical role in shaping the future preschool teachers and administrators in early childhood education. The department strives to develop the capacities and competence of early childhood education graduates to enhance the quality and standard of early childhood education for the benefit of society and the community. There are two programs offered under the department: Diploma in Early Childhood Education and Bachelor of Early Childhood Education (Honours).

The objective of the Department of Psychology and Counselling is to provide knowledge, training and research in the field of psychology and counselling at undergraduate level. The department aimed to educate and to equip students to be professional in dealing with the community from diverse background in both public and private settings. There are two programs offered under the department: Bachelor of Psychology (Honours) and Bachelor of Education (Honours) (Guidance & Counselling).


Diploma in Early Childhood Education

Bachelor of Education (Honours) (Guidance & Counselling)

Bachelor of Psychology (Honours)

Bachelor of Early Childhood Education (Honours)


According to the Malaysia Mental Healthcare Performance Technical Report 2016, mental disorders was estimated to contribute for about 8.6% of total DALYs (referring to the total number of years lost to illness, disability, or premature death within a given population) (Ministry of Health [MOH], 2017).

In addition, the prevalence rate of mental health problem among adult and children in Malaysia were 29.2% and 12.1% respectively together with the increasing number of suicidal attempts (MOH, 2017). Despite the increasing number of mental health problem in Malaysia, the density of mental health professional is still low (MOH, 2017).