Multi-Purpose Building

Dato Seri Joseph Chong Hall is quite spacious and its width is 50 meters and the length is 80 meters. The hall can be accommodating up to 2500 seats; and, it is available for catering to feasts around 150 banquet tables. Lots of functions can be conducted here such as orientation ceremonies, graduation ceremonies, musical concerts, academic seminars, workshops, sports activities, community banquets, and etc. Moreover, there is a big stage for cultural and artistic performances.

Dato Seri Joseph Chong Hall is well equipped with facilities such as stage lighting, PA system, backdrop and soundproof setting. This particular stage is 70 rules in width wide and 30 rules in dept which is made up of fine wood. On the upper side of the stage backdrop, there are two poles for hanging up event banners.

Museum and Gallery represent an important role in artistic exchange. Also, it is an elegant place for art exhibition. Various types of activities had been held in this gallery. For example, ?°International Arts and Calligraphy Exhibition 2009,?± ?°Johor Teachers Training Programme in Calligraphy,?± ?°Cultural Retrospective Exhibition of Yao Tuo?± were held in here. Besides, the art corridor is 12 rules in width and 105 rules in length. Art works can be displayed here.

Dato Seri Joseph Chong Hall


Dato Seri Joseph Chong Hall auditorium can accommodate 2000 people
There are four badminton courts available for Rental
Spacious and comfortable Guests Hall


Museum and gallery represent an important role in artistic exchange.
Art corridor: Located between museum and gallery