About Us

The Excellent Teaching and Learning Centre, ETLC (formerly known as CiTL) provides comprehensive services supporting excellent teaching and learning at Southern University College. Being a center in handling e-learning system, Moodle is one of the most effective ways to encourage the using of technology approach in teaching and learning methods.

The centre provides a platform for discussing the knowledge, tools, and spirit of inquiry that are central to the teaching and learning processes, and cultivates teachers who can transmit their own passion in their teaching. Also provides leadership and expertise to enable innovation in curricula, implementation of powerful technologies and pedagogies in and beyond the classroom, and student engagement with learning resources and materials to promote critical analytic and research skills.

The ETLC’s comprehensive approach comes through its unique fusion of programs and personnel, providing services in instructional and curricular consulting, instructional technologies, service-learning, writing instruction, and the scholarship of teaching and learning. The ETLC’s location on the first floor of the College also encourages close collaboration with librarians specializing in information literacy. This blend of specialties enables the ETLC to offer a collaborative and dynamic way of addressing complex teaching issues.