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: History :


The Advanced Studies for Business & Marketing was first set up in Foon Yew High School, with approximately 50 students attending the opening ceremony.



Advanced Studies Programme set up the Department of Malay Studies to train teachers for Independent Secondary Schools across the nation. Approximately 40 students joined this class.



Datuk Kuek Ho Yao, the Chairman of Foon Yew Board of Directors, proposed to set up Advanced Vocational Institution to provide an educational channel for high school graduates who were unable to enter governmental colleges.



Foon Yew Board of Directors officially made application to the Ministry of Education for setting up Foon Yew College on the foundation of Foon Yew Advanced Studies Programme.



The Ministry of Education issued a letter to reject the application to set up Foon Yew College.



On the eve of Johor Bahru Parliamentary district by-election, Prime Minister Dr. Mahathir attended the joint Chinese New Year Celebration of Johor Bahru's Chinese societies. Dato¡¯ Low Nam Hui, the Chairman of Persekutuan Tiong-hua Johor Bahru proposed to Dr. Mahathir for approving the application of setting up Foon Yew College and the proposal was taken into consideration; Dr. Mahathir reminded? the college should be following the National Education Act and open for students of all races.

Mr. Woon Sze Chin, Deputy Minister of Education, met with the representatives of Foon Yew Board of Directors to discuss the procedures of setting up Foon Yew College.

The Ministry of Education approved the application of setting up the college based on the National Education Act 1961, with the conditions that the name of the college must be changed to ¡°Southern College¡± and having separated campus with Foon Yew High School.

Philanthropist Mr. Siow Wan Heong generously donated 10.5 acres land at Impian Emas (later increased to 15 acres) to be the new college campus.

Foon Yew Board of Directors wrote to Ministry of Education by saying that they agreed to change the college¡¯s name to "Southern College".



The Ministry of Education approved the temporary usage of Foon Yew High School's new library as the classrooms of Southern College.

Southern College Board of Directors was officially formed and Dr. Chong Swee Huat was appointed as the President.

Southern College registered as a non-profit company,? with eight founders,? namely Datuk Kuek Ho Yao, Dato¡¯ Low Nam Hui, Mr. Siow Wan Heong, Mr. Huang Fu Seng, Mr. Chern Yen Ming, Mr. Goh Hui Beng JP and Dato¡¯ Cheng Heng Chou.

Nearly 300 students moved into Foon Yew High School¡¯s new library to attend classes.

First General Meeting convened, and Datuk Kuek Ho Yao was elected as the first Chairman of Board of Directors. Mr. Huang Fu Seng was the Chairman of Board of Governors, and Dato' Usman Awang, the National Literary Award Winner, was appointed as a non-Chinese member of Board of Governors.

The Board of Directors appointed Prof. Wu Teh Yao, Prof. Wong Gang Wu and Dr. Gwee Yee Hean as the first batch of Academic Consultants for Southern College.

The students of Advanced Studies Programme were transferred to Southern College and became its first batch students.



Board of Directors traveled across the country in order to form District Development Committees for raising the Southern College Building Fund, and the first phase¡¯s target was RM 20 million.

Besides the Malay Studies and Business Studies program, Computer Studies program was set up.

Under the effort of Director Chang Chan Chuan, the Nanyang University Alumni Canada has donated RM100, 000 as the Southern College Building Fund.

With an enrolment of 281 students in Business, Malay and Computer Studies, the first commencement ceremony was held. Dato¡¯ Usman Awang, our national poet composed a poem to celebrate Southern College.

Persekutuan Tiong-hua Johor Bahru donated RM 1 million to Southern College Building Fund.

Robert Kuok Hock Nien, the Sugar King of Asia, donated RM 2 Million to Southern College Building Fund. The Five-clan Association in Johor Bahru also noted 100 thousand.

The first Graduation Ceremony was held, with 59 graduates awarded diploma.



Malaya¡¯s Association of Nanyang University Graduates held a fund-raising dinner and raised RM 10, 000 for Southern College Building Fund.

Dato¡¯ Tan Beng Tong formed the Southern College Building Fund Committee in Segamat and organised ¡°Southern Nite¡± charity show, successfully raising RM 1.5 million for Southern College Building Fund.

The ¡°Alumni¡¯s Day¡± was held and presented Southern College Academic Qualification Certificates to Foon Yew Advanced Studies Programme alumni.



The Ministry of Education approved setting up of English Studies program and it was commenced in June.

The Ground Breaking Ceremony of Southern College New Campus was officiated by Mr. Siow Wan Heong, the donor of the campus¡¯s land.

Organized first phase construction MOU signing ceremony and promoted the tree-planting campaign, managed to raise over RM 20 million for the Southern College Building Fund.



The ¡°Golden Brick for Southern College¡± campaign was launched and managed to raise up to RM 50, 000.

New campus costing RM 20 Million for the construction has completed. Southern College shifted from Foon Yew High School to the new campus and started to operate.

The College Anthem was composed, the music by the famous musician Mr. Tan Hooi Song and the lyric by famous writer Mr. Tai Boon Kong.



Chinese Studies program was officially launched with large students¡¯ enrolment.

"Journey of a Thousand Miles" organized by Southern College, was launched nationwide, raising a total of RM 68, 000.



The first issue of Southern Today was published.

Mahua Literature Centre was officially established.

Mr. Huang Fu Seng retired from the position as the second Chairman of Board of Directors, and Mr. Goh Hui Beng JP took over his responsibilities. The Board of Directors decided to appoint Mr. Huang Fu Seng and Datuk Kuek Ho Yao as Permanent Honorary Chairman.

The Southern College¡¯s portal was launched with the design and hard work of Mr. So Yong Quay, the Head of Department of Computer Studies and his students.



The Continuing Education Center was officially established.



The Ground-Breaking Ceremony of the Students¡¯ Hostel and ¡°Xing Chen Lou¡± (Staffs¡¯ Hostel) was held.

The Ministry of Education approved setting up the Department of Electronic and Electrical Engineering.

At the 9th Graduation Ceremony, the College set up the ¡°Seow Wan Heong¡¯s Spirit Award¡± in order to commemorate the contribution of Mr. Seow Wan Heong to Southern College.

The ¡°17th National Chinese Cultural Festival¡± was held, presenting an epic drama entitled ¡°Nan Fang Zhi Lu¡± (The Path to Southern).

On 15th of October, the Opening Ceremony of New Campus was held. The Deputy Prime Minister Y.A.B. Datuk Seri Abdullah bin Hj. Ahmad Badawi was Guest of Honour to officiate the ceremony. The ¡°Walking Along With Southern College¡± Anniversary Dinner was held and there were more than 3,000 people attended.



The Students¡¯ Hostel and ¡°Xing Chen Lou¡± (Staffs¡¯ Hostel) were officially open for occupation.

The ¡°Chinese Ethnicity & Culture Research Centre¡± was officially launched.

In order to conform to the new era of education and abide the rules of Malaysian Qualification Agency (MQA), the Board of Directors approved the restructure of semester system; starting from year 2002, the programs of Southern College will be conducted in two years and eight months.



With the sponsorship of ¡°Academic Fund of Seow Wan Heong¡±, the Mahua Literature Centre continued to publish the literary magazine Jiao Feng which had been stopped for a long time.



The Opening Ceremony of ¡°Hua Yuan¡±£¬was launched and officiated by Dato¡¯ Dr. Chua Soi Lek. A lighting ceremony of ¡°Xing Chen Lou¡± was officiated at the same time by Datin Seri Maggie Chong, the wife of Dato¡¯ Seri Joseph Chong.

The ¡°Southern Press¡± was officially established, famous scholar Prof. Tay Lian Soo being appointed as the Director of the press.



Dr. Chong Swee Huat retired from his position as the first President and appointed as the Executive Consultant of Board of Directors.

Dr. Thock Kiah Wah was appointed as the second President of Southern College.

The first ¡°Southern Salon¡± was launched and received very good response.



The Board of Directors approved to use the motto of ¡°Self-renewal?Virtue?Nature¡± taken from I-Ching, at the same time launched Southern College Academic Journal and announced the ¡°1368¡± 5-year Action Plans for upgrading to University.

The ¡°Entrepreneurial and Incubation Centre¡± was officially established.



The College held the first ¡°Southern Arts, Humanity & Culture Festival¡± and launched the ¡°Inaugural Southern Humanity Spirit Award¡±, the award ¨C ¡°Nan Fang Zhi Ding¡± (¡°Ding¡± of Southern) was designed by the famous artist Mr. Tan Swie Hian, he is also the first person received the award. The College also launched the new image of Southern College and the five Schools of the College: School of Humanities and Social Science, School of Business and Management, School of Engineering and Information Technology, School of Art and Design. School of Professional and Continuing Education.



The ¡°Centre of Innovative in Teaching and Learning¡± and ¡°Modern Language Centre¡± was established.

The stone with the wordings ¡°Great Learning Way¡± designed by Mr. Tan Swie Hian was unveiled and installed in ¡°Hua Yuan¡±.

The College submitted the first proposed plan of Upgrading to University to the Ministry of Higher Education for approval.



The ¡°Southern New Media Centre¡± was established.

The Multi-Purpose Hall Building was open for use and the 17th Graduation Ceremony was first held in the Dato¡¯ Seri Joseph Chong Hall.

The College paid a visit to the Ministry of Higher Education and presented the proposed of Upgrading to University that received the feedback from the ministry was positive.



The Department of Education was established, the ¡°Signing Ceremony for the Education Collaboration between Southern College, East China Normal University and Chinese Independent Secondary Schools¡± was held and ¡°Malaysian Chinese Independent Secondary School Certificate in Education Training Program¡± was launched.

¡°The Rakan Muda Secretariat¡± under the Ministry of Youth and Sports, was set up in our college.

The College launched the ¡°Southern College Scholarship and Education Fund¡±, targeted to raise RM 10 million for the fund.

The 3+0 twinning degree program of Accounting and Finance with University of Wales, UK was officially approved and launched; 10 diploma courses received Accreditation from Malaysian Qualification Agency (MQA).



Y.B. Dato¡¯ Sri Liow Tiong Lai, the Minister of Health officiated the Ground-Breaking Ceremony of the Traditional Chinese Medicine Building.

The 11 diploma courses received Accreditation from Malaysian Qualification Agency (MQA).

The College submitted the improved proposed plan of Upgrading to University to the Ministry of Higher Education, at the same time the Senior Officers from the ministry visited the College for the first time with the purpose to make inspection.

The College increased the twining Bachelor (Hons) programs to 3.

At the 20th Anniversary Celebration and the Unveiling Ceremony of the Statue of Confucius, the statue was contributed by Dr. Tang En Jia, the President of The Confucian Academy Hong Kong.



The College moved toward the second phase of transformation ¨C ¡°2368¡±: the Second 5-years Action Plans.

¡°The Launching Ceremony of Activation of Electronic Board for Countdown of Foon Yew 100th Anniversary¡± was held.

The College held the ¡°Mid-Autumn Festival ¨C Jump Party¡± for the first time, the response back was overwhelming.

¡°Opening Ceremony of the Traditional Chinese Medicine Building¡± was held by H.E. Chai Xi, Ambassador of the People¡¯s Republic of China to Malaysia.

The Southern Traditional Chinese Medical Centre began to operate.

The ¡°Sim Mow Yu Chinese Education and Teacher Training Centre¡± was established.



Y.B. Dato¡¯ Seri Khaled Bin Nordin, the Minister of Higher Education visited the College and handed over the Invitation Letter for Upgrading to University College.

On 19th of June, the Ministry of Higher Education approved the application of the College for upgrading to University College, and approved the registration of ¡°Southern University College¡± on 10th of August.

On 10th of November, Y.B. Dato¡¯ Seri Khaled Bin Nordin, the Minister of Higher Education officiated the ¡°Upgrading to Southern University College Ceremony¡±, officially announce the establishment of Southern University College.

On 17th of November, the University College held the ¡°22nd Anniversary Celebrating Ceremony cum Opening Ceremony of Tan Sri Datuk Chang Joo Chiang Museum & Art Gallery and Traditional Chinese Medicine Building¡±, Dato¡¯ Dr. Hou Kok Chung, the Deputy Minister of Higher Education officiated the ceremony. The University College also held the ¡°Great Celebrating Dinner¡± by inviting the Y.B. Senator Tan Sri Dr. Koh Tsu Koon, the Minister of Prime Minister Office as the Guest of Honor. There were over 5,000 persons attending the dinner and Dato¡¯ Sri Mohd Najib Tun Abdul Razak, the Prime Minister donated RM 1 million to the Southern University College Education Fund.

Southern University College has been appointed as one of the examination site of Chinese Oral Proficiency Test (HKC) in Malaysia, this would enhance the international image of Southern University College.



Purple Phoenix China has successfully captured the heart of audience with their outstanding performance. This charity show is organized by SUC and was held at the Grand Hall. The show has earned support from approximately 2, 000 people from Johor Bahru and Singapore.

Southern UC has organized an Open Day Opening Ceremony, together with the launching of new logos for 5 Faculty and 3 Schools.

Southern UC has organized a Launching Ceremony of Fund-Raising for International Education Building, to raise the building fund total RM15 million. Southern UC currently has successfully raised RM5 million. 48 famous Singaporean has donated RM 550, 000 to the fund too.